Fanous: Light of Hope for Refugees


The project was an entry for CLUE 2016 Lighting Competition. The theme was LIGHTIUS LOCI – Spirit of Light. I did this project as my way of addressing the refugee crisis.

Fanous is an Arabic term used to signify “the light of the world” and can describe a symbol of hope, providing “light in darkness".

Beacons and lanterns provide guidance on a regional and personal scale respectively. In this way, both beacon and lantern can be seen as keys to finding “sirat al-mustaqueem” (the right path). A beacon of light will guide refugees to shelter and provide them with hope towards the end of their journey. Lanterns placed along their path aids refugees in finding their way to safety and can be utilized in their often dark and desolate campgrounds. Each lantern will be imprinted with Arabesque patterns, providing a sense of familiarity and encouraging them to pick one up and make their own. Once they have settled in their new home, the lantern’s repeatable patterns invite owners to piece them together at the tower at Bodrum beach in Turkey, amplifying the beacon of light and feeling of hope within the community and for those to come.


Time: 01/31/2016, 1 Day
Location: Bodrum beach, Turkey
Type: Individual work